Don Carlos


In a refined and intimate location in the heart of Milan, a few steps from La Scala Opera House, the Duomo Cathedral and the Fashion district, the Don Carlos Restaurant looks like a secluded corner, surrounded by a sophisticated ambiance. Paintings and sketches from the Museum of La Scala Opera House frame this place, where the atmosphere seems to be suspended between luxury and retro, wrapped in a timeless elegance. The restaurant is dedicated to the Maestro Giuseppe Verdi who spent a long time in the Suite of the Grand Hotel et de Milan, of which the restaurant is part. Here he composed some of his major Operas, one of which gave the name to the restaurant. The Don Carlos, mentioned in prestigious guides and magazines as one of the most exclusive restaurants in Milan, combines a high level gastronomy with an elegant service in a very charming ambiance.

Open every day for dinner, even late night after the shows at La Scala Opera House.


Don Carlos Restaurant is open every evening at dinner  time from 7.30 p.m. to 11 p.m. and, exceptionally, until half an hour after the end of the shows La Scala Opera House.

The ambiance

Ristorante Don Carlos at Grand Hotel et de Milan

A place rich in atmosphere where guests may bask in the aura of famous people whose names have been written in history. Opened in 1863, the Grand Hotel et de Milan retains all the charm of an old Milanese town mansion. The hotel continues to attract leading figures from international culture, show-business, fashion, the world of music and business. Situated in the heart of the city, only a short walk from the financial district, the La Scala Opera House, the fashion area and the Duomo. The Grand Hotel et de Milan, together with its bars and restaurants, represents a discreet corner of Milanese life, an ideal place to stay for business, pleasure or both. The hotel has been run with great care and attention by the Bertazzoni family for three generations. A point of reference for those seeking to stay in the lap of luxury but in seclusion and privacy, in the intimate and pleasantly vintage atmosphere of a historic town mansion. Many illustrious guests have stayed here, and among the famous names to be found on the register is that of the composer Giuseppe Verdi who was at the “Milan” for a number of years. Since that time, its many rooms have been permeated with a love of music and particularly the Opera.

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among the ruins of an ancient Roman wall
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My cuisine is inspired by the added value of the best that our territory can give us, by artisans and farmers who offer us their products, by the endless recipes of popular cuisine, deeply rooted in our culture”.

– Chef Mauro Moia –